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Over 15 million people have depression. 65 million binge drink in the last 90 days and 15 million are alcoholic.(all whom have a depressive disorder)

While MyKetamineCare is not for everyone we know that most of the people we work with retained a moderate to significant increase in their mood monitoring variables that indicate feeling better with life 2 months after a 3 week treatment.

This care outperforms the current model by a measurement that includes medications for similar conditions. 

For Providers

Thank you for allowing us to assist in the care of your patient. Please note that MyKetamineCare provides ketamine treatment but does not  take over care of  your patient’s long-term mental health care needs.

 We require that patients continue treatment with their current providers in order for us to start treatment.

After completion of your patient’s ketamine treatment, you may (with your patient’s permission) receive a letter from us updating you on the patient’s response to treatment. If you have any questions, please contact us by request.

During ketamine treatment, a dose specific of ketamine is administered Each infusion lasts approximately 40 – 60 minutes. A series of five to seven sessions over a two to five week period is recommended for optimal results.

After the initial series, patients can return as needed for success series “booster” Exclusive Formula by your best day every day.

Patients should not eat or drink anything starting four to six hours before an infusion.

Most people tolerate the treatment well. All medications have potential side effects, and your provider will discuss those with you in detail. Some potential side effects include temporary confusion and blurred vision. These side effects generally go away very quickly — usually by the time a single infusion is finished. But to be on the safe side, patients should refrain form driving for 24 hours after a ketamine infusion. 

Please note that ketamine treatment is not currently covered by insurance. If you find otherwise please send us the billing code information here. The out-of-pocket cost for this treatment at is based per session for the initial series of 5 to 7 infusions or by package based on your location

If the cost is an issue for you, consider the SPRAVATO nasal spray, which is typically covered by insurance.

If you are a Behavioral Health Treatment Center: We suggest you look into your certification and licenses board as how to best adjust your treatment protocol for your services to include the experience and effects and how to apply this newly learned information into practice.

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